What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Let’s be clear about one thing – Intermittent Fasting is not a diet.

Instead, it’s a pattern of eating in which during designated “windows” of time you consume your food and calories for the day. When you are not in that window, you abstain from all food and calories – That’s your fast.

Technically, we’ve all been fasting every day of our lives when we go to sleep. That’s why our first meal is called breakfast (breaking the fast). The practice of intermittent fasting involves extending that fast to a minimum of 12 hours and up to multiple days depending on your health and fitness goals.

The key difference between intermittent fasting and other diet trends is that the main focus is on when you eat, not what. You can still eat normal amounts of food that you love, it’s just during a smaller window of time that you designate.

Now I know what you must be thinking…how can you expect to go 12, 16, even 24 hours without food? There’s no way starving yourself for that period of time can possibly be healthy…right?

Well, the truth is, you’re not actually starving yourself. In fact, going extended periods consuming zero calories is actually beneficial to your metabolism, body composition, and overall health. Here are just some of the benefits intermittent fasting can provide:

Sounds to good to be true, right?

Well, as crazy as some of those benefits may sound, not only are they true, but they’re also backed-up by some of the leading research in the health and fitness community. It may sound strange, but the simple act of “not eating” may be one of the healthiest things you can do.

Just to be clear – intermittent fasting is not a magic solution that will offset the effects of an unhealthy diet or lifestyle. Instead, you should think it as another addition to an already healthy and active lifestyle that will help boost results. For most of us, the toughest part is just telling ourselves it’s okay to go that long without food.

Once you break through the mental barrier and allow your body to adjust over a matter of weeks, fasting will not only be tolerable, but something you no longer even think about. The whole point of fasting is to become more in tune with your body and to change your relationship with food.

You’ll no longer feel like a prisoner to intense cravings or hunger. Instead, you’ll begin to understand what true hunger feels like and begin to use foods that you love as fuel to optimize your body and mind throughout the day.

So how should you start?

Remember, I am not a medical professional. While fasting is safe for the majority of the population, there are some groups of people who should consult their doctor before adding an intermiitent fasting regime into their lifestyle.

Having said that, here’s my advice for beginners:

  • Do your research – Not just using this site, but also the thousands of other resources and research studies throughout the web. You should always have a full understanding of how any diet or new way of eating affects your body before making a major change. Not only will this help you be successful, but you’ll also be able to explain this new concept to skeptical friends and family.
  • Get my Free Beginner’s Guide – This is a free PDF containing 7 key steps to both maximize the benefits of intermittent fasting and also insure long-term sustainability. Had I read a guide like this when I started fasting, it would have save me a lot of time and a lot of wasted efforts. Click here to get it!
  • Have fun and make adjustments as you go along – Just because you choose one plan in the beginning doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stick with that option. Listen to your body and discover what works best for you. Fasting is about reaching your full potential and feeling good. If it’s causing stress or unhappiness in your life, you should stop! Remember, what works best for me or someone else, may not work well for you.

I hope you use Fast. Eat. Repeat. not only as a resource, but as your guide to changing your lifestyle with the power of fasting. Feel free to email me at anytime with any questions or concerns, I’m here to help all of you!

Good luck and happy fasting!