Hi there, I’m Will – Welcome to Fast. Eat. Repeat.

Before I dive into the details of what we’re all about here, I wanted to thank you for visiting my website today.

If you’re at all interested in using fasting to transform your health, fitness, and lifestyle in a significant way, but want to eliminate the guesswork and confusion – then you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past few years, I’ve dedicated myself to becoming an expert on how to utilize fasting in conjunction with other health & fitness techniques in order to…

  • Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle
  • Change Your Relationship with Food
  • Look Younger & Live Longer
  • Optimize Your Health at a Hormonal & Metabolic Level
  • Create Healthy Habits That Become a Lifestyle
  • And Much More…

My promise is that I will do anything in my power, whether through coaching, programs, or content creation, to help you become the best version of yourself – whatever your goal(s) may be.

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Who Am I?

Me after my first 5-Day Fast

My name is Will – creator and founder of the Fast. Eat. Repeat brand and lifestyle.

I’m also a coach, writer, fitness enthusiast, and all-around nerd when it comes to finding new ways to optimize life through nutrition, exercise, bio hacks, and more.

Because of the profound effects that fasting has had on my health and outlook, I created this website with the hopes of helping thousands of others use the power of fasting to change their lives for the better.

Over years of intensive research and self-experimentation, it is my belief that we can find the right fasting protocol for almost anyone. Not only will this protocol lead to health/metabolic benefits, but it will allow you to be happier during the process – just as it has for me.


However, it wasn’t always like this…

My Story

Like many people all around the world, I always struggled maintaining my habits when it came to health. Looking back, my biggest mistake was that instead of focusing on making small changes over time, my health goals always began with programs to the extreme…

“The 30 Day Fat Loss Shred”

“90 Days without Sugar or Carbs”

“Your 45-Day Program to Build Muscle & Burn Fat”

And to my credit, I’d always start off strong. Crushing the first few days, the first week, hell, sometimes even after one month I’d still be on track. Well on my way to six-pack abs and the healthy lifestyle I always strived for.

Except for one thing – it never lasted.

Blame it on youth, inexperience, discipline – whatever word you want to choose, I would always end up falling back into old habits of overeating, binge drinking on the weekends, and “starting again on Monday” for years.

Even if I did make it through a program or fitness challenge, my driving factor was always something on the surface, rather than truly bettering myself and changing my approach for the long-term. Getting abs for spring break, shedding a few pounds for a wedding – it didn’t matter – it was all just short-term effort for short-term results.

And once/if those results were obtained, instead of building off of what I had accomplished, I used it as an excuse to “reward” myself and go right back to where I started.

It was cycle and I was stuck.

Before Fasting & Clueless (2017)

After Fasting & Rejuvenated (2019)

I didn’t realize that I was setting myself up for failure every time by focusing on things that I would never be able to sustain. This, in turn, would cause guilt, shame, and a feeling of hopelessness that I’d ever find the one “solution” that worked for me.

I knew what I wanted, I just didn’t know how to get there…then I got my wake up call.

Even though it was years ago now, I remember this moment as if it were yesterday.

My girlfriend, Polly, and I had just moved halfway across the country, from my home city of Boston, MA, all the way to South Bend, Indiana. Polly had been accepted to Notre Dame Law School and my employer at the time had graciously allowed me to work remotely so I could move with her.

It was our first big move together. A new state, a new chapter of our lives – all very exciting, but nerve-racking as well. I’d be leaving the city and state that I loved where my friends and family lived, moving to a small apartment in the Midwest, and working from home in an unfamiliar place without a whole lot of extra-curricular options besides bars, restaurants, and college football (Go Irish!)

Anxious was probably the best word to describe me back then, especially in that first month. And it was during that time when it all becomes clear to me – this move could go one of two ways:


I could this as an excuse. Fall deeper into old habits, let myself go, tailgate, eat fast food, get fat and happy, all while slowly but surely adopting the average American lifestyle so many have now resigned to.



I could use this as an opportunity. Fully commit and focus on my health & wellness, not just by getting in better shape, but by changing the way I lived at a deeper level – Mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Speaking now as my future self – Thank god I went with option two!

However, that was just the first step. I still needed to find that “solution” I had so desperately been searching for in years past.

That’s when I discovered Intermittent Fasting.


The first time I had ever heard of intermittent fasting was after watching video ad on Facebook from Business Insider, containing an interview with the “legendarily shredded” actor, Terry Crews (see above).


I remember thinking…


“This fasting thing sounds pretty cool…plus Terry Crews is absolutely JACKED so it must be legit, right?”


(Terrible process for making a lifestyle change, but I was young and a sucker for marketing)


But in all seriousness, I was definitely intrigued. For years, one of the biggest reasons I had so much trouble sticking to diets or nutrition plans was because of the constant meal-prepping, planning, and elimination of certain food groups that made them impossible to follow at times. The process was always exhausting and felt unsustainable, even in the moment.


Now this “fasting” thing comes along and tells me, not only does meal frequency not matter when it comes to your health, but your number one focus should be on “when” you’re eating rather than “what”, with an emphasis on going 16+ HOURS without food.


How is this possible? This is the opposite of everything I’d been told…


  • Don’t I need to eat six small meals a day to “stoke my metabolic fire?”
  • Won’t I enter “starvation mode” and lose all my muscle?
  • Isn’t going over 12 hours without food incredibly unsafe and just downright crazy?

(I’d later find out the answer to all these questions was “No”, but more on that later)

I was skeptical, to say the least.  But I figured it’s worked for others, why not give it a shot? Nothing else has seemed to work so far anyway. So I started doing a daily 16 hour fast, with an 8-hour eating window. The first couple of weeks were definitely an adjustment period, but by the end of the month (much to my surprise) fasting was a breeze. My hunger levels had relegated back to normal, I was insanely productive in the mornings during my fast, and I’d shed a noticeable amount of body fat that I had been carrying around for years.


But the biggest revelation?


Opposed to other nutrition and fitness programs, I was feeling great while doing it and didn’t want it to stop! This was huge for me as it was lining up to be the first “healthy habit” I could see myself doing indefinitely. I became obsessed. Reading every book, research study, news article, and interview I could find on fasting.

I learned about fasting methods, how to break you fast, extended fasts, fasted workouts, how to fast for fat loss, muscle growth, longevity, mental clarity…the list went on and on.


I learned that fasting had benefits that extended beyond weight loss, at a metabolic, hormonal, and even spiritual level.


I learned that fasting isn’t just another trend – people have been fasting for years, dating back all the way to our hunter and gatherer days. As humans, we are literally designed to fast!


And while you may think this is biased of me to say, I learned that fasting is truly the best medicine for the body, both inside and out. The sad part is, for the most part, it’s gone missing from modern society. In in a country where giant food corporations and pharmaceutical companies reign supreme – it’s no wonder people forgot about the power of fasting. It’s been hidden from us by strategic marketing, powerful ad campaigns, and a whole lot of misinformation that has manipulated us into thinking we need food at all times.

And when that very same food makes us fat and sick? You pay for drugs and medicine with a host of side effects just to alleviate the issues, rather than looking at the source of the problem.

I think it’s time to bring fasting back in the fold – And it starts here.

My Mission


It’s my personal mission to educate you (and as many others as possible), on how to fully-maximize the power of fasting to end food addiction and create the body and lifestyle of your dreams. Whatever diet you’re on, whatever your goals may be, and whatever struggles you’ve had in the past – I promise I can find a solution that works best for you.


  • Personalized programs tailored to different goals. Whether your goal be fat loss, muscle gain, gut health, or longevity, all will include a 12-week fasting schedule, nutrition plan + macros, fitness program, and an invite to a closed Facebook group for members only where you will have 24/7 access to me for all questions and concerns.


  • A 6-month fasting, detox, and metabolic reset course and program. This is an exclusive group for those who want to focus on making big, long-term changes to their overall health and wellness. This program will not only teach you to maximize the benefits of all types of fasting, but you’ll develop nutrition and lifestyle habits that will last forever. This all occurs while being a part of a close-knit community and receiving weekly feedback from yours truly.


  • 1 on 1 Coaching. This is for those who have goals in mind but want the support and guidance from an experienced coach in order to get to the next level. This is the most expensive and most exclusive program that I offer, however, it’s also where you’ll get the most value. I will work with you individually to create an action plan, tailored to your goals and schedule, allowing you to be as successful as possible. Unlike my other programs, you’ll be talking directly with me via Skype, phone calls, text, email – as I coach, guide, motivate, and support you through your entire journey.


Remember, when it comes to your health – it’s an investment, not a cost. Taking control of your health will not only improve your quality of life, but it will often lead to more success and happiness in your other endeavors as well.

Whether you decide to choose one of the options above or not, make sure to follow me on all your favorite social media channels. I’m constantly putting out as much free content and value on fasting, nutrition, fitness, biohacking, and more.


Can’t wait to fast, eat, and repeat with all of you! 

Talk soon,