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What is Intermittent Fasting?

Never heard of Intermittent Fasting? That’s okay! Here at Fast. Eat. Repeat you’ll discover why focusing on when you eat (rather than what you eat) is becoming one for the most popular (and effective) ways to improve how you look, feel, and live. Click the button below to start your journey towards changing your lifestyle, optimizing your health, and reaching your full potential. 

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Interested in Coaching?

One of the hardest things about changing old habits is remaining consistent throughout the process – especially on your own. That’s why I’m excited to offer online coaching to all those interested in in giving their health & wellness a serious boost. I’ll work 1 on 1 with you to determine what fasting method works best for you and your schedule, putting together a proper nutrition plan, and helping form sustainable lifestyle over the long-term. Contact me directly if you’re interested: Will.Mills@fasteatrepeat.com

Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Having trouble with losing body fat? Fasting allows you to finally tap into those stubborn fat stores as your body adapts to using fat at fuel, instead of sugar. Combined with the additional HGH production, fasting will help you burn fat and build lean muscle all at the same time.

Increase Productivy

Stop worrying and constantly thinking about your next meal. With fasting, there’s no need to prep six meals a day. Start your morning in a fasted state and watch as your mental focus and creativity sky rockets, allowing you to succeed in your career and personal life.

Look & Feel Younger

Unlock the key to anti-aging using extended intermittent fasts. These allows your body to conduct cellular cleanup and repair, which in turn helps prevent disease, cure infections, and slow-down the aging process. Start the journey towards a longer, healthier life.

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