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The Fast. Eat. Repeat. Method


Here at Fast. Eat. Repeat you’ll discover why focusing on when you eat (combined with proper nutrition & fitness) is becoming one for the most popular & effective ways to improve how you look, feel, and live.


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No one is a bigger supporter of fasting and its benefits than I am.


Having said that, it’s not a magic pill. While fasting can help solve a number of issues, it doesn’t change the fact that successfully meeting your health and fitness goals almost always comes down to three major factors:


Consistency, Education, & Accountability.


That is why I’m incredibly excited to offer online health and fitness coaching for those looking to take their physique and health to the next level. By working together 1 on 1, I’ll find the fasting method that works best for you, create a custom nutrition & fitness program tailored to your goals, and work on the necessary mindset changes that will serve you long after we stop working together.


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Burns Body Fat

Return your body to its natural fat burning state, while increasing your energy and mental clarity.

Optimizes Hormones

Increase your insulin sensitivity, boost HGH, and finally normalize your hunger hormones.

Incredibly Flexible

Find a window that fits seamlessly within your schedule and lifestyle, creating long-term sustainability.

Increases Longevity

Stimulate the process of autophagy, putting a halt to the formation of disease(s) within the body.

Your Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Your Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Let me start by saying this: People tend to overreact to the “damage” that may or may not be done on Thanksgiving when it comes to overeating.⁣ ⁣Remember – it’s just one day. ⁣ ⁣And just like fasting for a day doesn’t cause you to starve or become malnourished…one day...

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A Quick Guide to Drinking Alcohol and Remaining Lean

A Quick Guide to Drinking Alcohol and Remaining Lean

Here’s the thing - in the same way that food is so much more than its macronutrient breakdown, drinks are so much more than just their alcohol content.   Celebrations, meet-ups with old friends, a night out with your loved one...these can often lead to the...

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Hey there, I’m Will – Founder of Fast. Eat. Repeat.


At this point, I can’t imagine my life without fasting…but it wasn’t always this way. Check out my own personal transformation and inspiration behind the Fast. Eat. Repeat. lifestyle

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